Conservation, Peak Demand, and Power Factor Management

Visualized Energy graphs and analysis reveal opportunities to conserve arising from improper shutdowns, leaving the parking lot lights on during the day, forgetting to back out temporary power increases that kept production lines running until failing equipment was repaired, and so on.

Many electric utilities charge for peak demand—the highest use in a 15, 30 or 60 minute interval. Reducing peak demand can generate significant savings. Visualized Energy graphs show when peak demand occurred and where to redistribute the demand to reduce the peak. Visualized Energy can help prevent new peaks by predicting them in real time and signaling automated systems to cut back.

Many utilities also charge when the power factor falls below a set level like 95%. When this happens it can go unnoticed until the electric bill is read. Visual Energy initiates real time power factor alerts.

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In addition to monitoring revenue meters, Visualized Energy supplies and monitors a variety of digital and analog sensors for air pressure and flow, temperature, electric circuit metering and many other applications.


Once the data needed to manage is available, the next step is to decide what to do. Visualized Energy analyzes the data over time and helps you proactively reduce utility expenses.

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